We pride ourselves on adding another level of sanitation to areas and surfaces that are regularly missed by day-to-day cleaning staffs. Our technology disinfects everything it reaches— every surface, item, handle, and even the particles floating in the air. 

Prior to treatment, our team of professionals calculates the exact amount of UVC radiation needed for your facility in order to disinfect with optimal efficiency and effectiveness. 

We recommend treatment to occur weekly or bi-weekly to eliminate the spread of viruses and bacteria. Contact us for a quote and we look forward to working with you.

Offices / Buildings

Keeping your business healthy is our main priority. Our UV Disinfection Technology reaches all areas that have been missed by regular cleaning staffs. Unlike most cleaning methods, our chemical-free UV disinfection solution ensures that your business’ sensitive equipment and technology is untouched during the sanitation process.


UV Clean Solutions recognizes the difficulty in ensuring that all food-contact surfaces have been properly cleaned and sanitized, so our UV Disinfection Technology brings an additional layer of protection that ensures germs are killed. Our solution is chemical-free and protects staff and customers from any potentially harmful effects of cleaning chemicals. In addition to sanitizing food-contact surfaces, UVC light disinfects any mold that may be present in walk-in refrigerators or freezers.

Education / Schools

Schools and universities are responsible for the health and safety of their students. UV Clean Solutions supplements janitorial services by providing professional, high-quality disinfection to high traffic areas and restrooms for an extra level of cleanliness. Be confident that your students and staff are safe during cold and flu season. Our services include the disinfection of school buildings as well as school buses.

Gym & Fitness

When it comes to fitness centers, a regular wipe down is never enough to keep the facility clean. While regular cleaning services help facilities to smell fresh and look great, these services do not guarantee the elimination of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. UV Clean Solutions applies disinfection technology that reaches all of the areas that may have been missed by an every day cleaning staff.

Day Care Centers

Keeping child care environments clean is the best way to ensure the children stay safe and healthy. Dirty toys, books and surfaces tend to carry and spread germs, requiring day care centers and preschools to have their facilities maintained and cleaned regularly. The use of potentially toxic chemicals is a major concern for day care centers, so UV Clean Solutions eliminates this concern all together. 

Banks / Financial Institutions

We know that banks and financial institutions require unique cleaning procedures with the highest level of professionalism and service. UV Clean Solutions is fully bonded and insured, and puts the safety and security of your workplace first. We understand that banks rely on expensive technology and a professional appearance, so our automated disinfection technology reaches every inch of your facility while leaving no residue behind.