Chris Dellamarggio

Owner, Edible Arrangements

I strongly recommend UV Clean Solutions. This “new” UV light technology is simply amazing. It brings me such peace of mind to provide my employees and customers with this level of sanitary cleanliness, especially in these turbulent times with the presence of the Corona/COVID-19 virus. Being in the food business, it’s especially comforting to know that I can achieve this level of clean with no harsh chemicals or chemical residue.


I highly recommend UV Clean Solutions for any business that has a need for sanitizing and disinfecting. This technology is an absolute ‘must-have’ in this day and age for any business.

Arthur Tzouros

Owner, Needham House of Pizza

We recently partnered with UV Clean Solutions. Greg arrived right on time just after closing. He was well organized and professional and did a fantastic job explaining the entire process of how it all works and for how long the UVC lights stay on for. After the time was up, he showed me a card that he taped to the wall that shows a graph of the level that was reached of effective UVC lighting. 


This is a fantastic product that is chemical free and highly effective. It keeps myself, my staff, and my clients safer and that’s priceless. Best of all, my clients have noticed the certificate and sticker on our counter and told us they come to our establishment more since they feel safer.

Mike Payne

CEO, Private Flight Advisors

My number one concern is employee safety when returning back to the office after COVID19. It’s something you simply can’t put a price to. When researching ways to professionally disinfect our office, I came across UV Clean Solutions and when I saw - chemical free and environmentally friendly - it was a no brainer.


They did a great job disinfecting our office and made me that much more confident when thinking about returning with my colleagues. I’m excited to continue our partnership.

Shane Relihan

Owner, Athlete Conditioning Training

Thank you UV Clean Solutions for helping keep all families safe as athletes start to come back to train. Looking forward to making this a weekly procedure to keep the gym as clean as possible.

It is a quick and easy process! Anybody looking to get their facility cleaned should contact them.